Gaming Headset Guide

When it comes to building your ideal gaming setup, we often jump straight to improvements of our visuals with more powerful components.
An often overlooked facet of great gaming performance is sound. To take your gaming to the next level, you really need a gaming headset.
but above all, your gaming headset needs to omit a good quality of sound. Still, there are a couple of considerations to make with regards to sound.
Central to which is how many sound channels your headset will contain. The main choice falls between surround sound and stereo. Just like when you’re sat in front of your TV watching a film, surround sound will obviously give you a more immersive experience when gaming. Surround sound headsets will cram multiple speakers into the device, giving the headset greater positional audio. Stereo provides your standard dual-speaker solution, but surround sound ramps up those channels to either 5.1 or 7.1 solutions.
One vital distinction to make is the difference between true surround sound and simulated surround sound. True surround users multiple speakers operating at different angles for greater sound. Simulated surround sound however, users sound processing in an attempt to recreate true surround sound. Predictably, you’ll find that simulated headsets are cheaper, so it all depends on your budget.